Picture Uploading Guide

  • Once you have clicked on the Upload Picture button a box will appear. Click on the Browse button.
  • You can now locate the digital photograph on your computer. If it is saved in a folder or a series of folders you will have to double click on each folder in order to reach the photograph you have chosen. Then just double click on the photograph and the name of the file will appear next to the Browse button
  • When you have selected the correct photograph click the Upload Image button and the photograph will upload. Please be patient as this can take a few minutes. Please note that large files may take a long time to upload or may not upload at all, depending on the speed of your internet connection and/or the file size limits set by your internet service provider. If you have any problems please email us on help@itsyourstory.co.uk
  • Once the photograph has successfully uploaded a preview version will appear on the ordering page.