Picture Quality Guide

In order to produce the best possible personalised book, the photograph you send us should meet the following criteria:

Fig. 1correct

Fig. 1. Correct

Fig. 2correct

Fig. 2. Correct

  • If you are submitting a digital picture it must a jpeg file and the size of the file should be at least 50 kilobytes(kb). If the image quality/size setting on your digital camera is set to normal or high, the quality of the picture should be fine.
  • We will crop the photograph and isolate the child's face so it doesn't matter if the photograph includes other people and is a holiday snap. However it needs to be clear which person in the photograph is the child in question. A passport photograph or school photograph would both be fine to use. 
  • The child should be looking straight at the camera and ideally smiling! 
  • We need to be able to isolate the child's face so nothing should be obstructing their face such as a hat, their hand or someone else. (Fig. 3) 
  • Children with long hair should have it in front of them or tied back rather than hanging down their back. (Fig. 1).

If there is any problem with the photograph you supply we will notify you immediately and give you the option of providing an alternative.

Fig. 3incorrect

Fig. 3. Incorrect
Nothing should obstruct the child's face.


Fig. 4. Incorrect
The child must be looking straight at the camera.

Fig. 5incorrect

Fig. 5. Incorrect
The photograph must be in focus.