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The Magic Circus
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The Magic CircusThe Magic CircusThe Magic CircusThe Magic CircusThe Magic Circus

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The Magic Circus

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UK delivery available from £4.00

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Hold onto your seats, there's a big tent extravaganza in town!

Our new Circus Adventure book makes one child the star of the show but also features the parents and up to two siblings. It's fun, humorous and beautifully illustrated as the child juggles, tight rope walks, balances on the trapeeze, tames tigers and rides horseback.

The crowd go wild as the show ends with a human pyramid featuring all the family!

  • Personalisation: Includes the names of the child and siblings (optional), the family surname and a message at the front. Child's face is included 11 times, the parents 5 times each and the siblings 2 times each.
  • Age range: Great gift for the whole family, whatever the ages!
  • Quality: Each 30-page book is digitally printed to a high standard on thick paper with a laminated cover.
  • Size: 20.6cm x 21.7cm.

Please note: you will receive an email from us requesting the personal details and photographs once you have competed the order process.

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