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Teacher Zoo Adventure Book (female) (three children)
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From £17.50

Teacher Zoo Adventure Book (female) (three children)

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It's one of the toughest yet most rewarding professions out there so why not give their teacher a truly personal 'thank you' this year!

The book follows the children and their teacher's adventures when they visit the local zoo together. The children feature in the story but this time, it is the teacher's face which is incorporated into the illustrations. Most importantly, this is someone the children have lots of fun with as the adult swings in the trees with the monkeys, hangs upside down alongside bats, hides in the bamboo with a panda and visits the hippo's birthday party.

Just enter the teacher's name and away you go!

  • Personalisation: Personal information in the story includes the first line of the children's address, their favourite food, the names of two friends, the adult's favourite colour, the adult's age and the adult's favourite food. A personal message from the sender is printed at the front of the book (To the world's best teacher!!) and the adult's face is included 13 times in the illustrations. Their name features 26 times in the book and the children's names 19 times.
  • Age range: This book is ideal to read to a child aged two to six
  • Quality: 32-page perfect-bound book with full-colour gloss cover
  • Size: 21 x 28 cm
  • Binding: Available in softback (£17.50) or hardback (£20)
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