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From 1 to 10 with Name of Child (premium)

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You can now upload a photograph to appear on the message page. This could be a family photograph, a photograph of who the book is from, or any photograph that makes you and them smile!


This captivating book takes a simple concept, learning to count, and makes it fun and engaging by incorporating the child's face into each illustration.

Not just a wonderful tool for encouraging the child to point and count, it takes them on a series of mini-adventures - soaring through the sky in a plane, racking huskies in the snow and drumming with seven serious soldiers.

Watch the child's delight as they count the nine busy ladybirds and then turn the page to see themselves lifted off the ground by ten beautiful balloons.

Each number is accompanied by a simple sentence which helps bring the scene to life.

  • Personalisation: Child's face and name incorporated throughout and a message from the sender included at the front of the book.
  • Age range: For two to five year olds.
  • Quality: 32-page perfect-bound book with full-colour gloss cover.
  • Size: 21 x 28 cm

Binding: Available in paperback (£20.00) or hardback (£23.50).

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During the order process you will be directed to upload two photographs (1) the child to star in the book, and (2) a photograph for the message page.


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