3rd February 2014
Time to put your imagination to the test!
Time to put your imagination to the test!
It's National Storytelling Week (1st - 8th Feb), so the perfect opportunity to test your own story-telling powers one evening rather than reaching for a book. Except conjuring up a story from scratch is surprisingly difficult (unless of course you're Roald Dahl, who first began writing for children after his daughter Olivia was born and he made up... Read More...

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29th January 2014
Creativity and Children - how hard can it be?
A few weeks ago, I walked into the kitchen to find my eldest son drawing on the kitchen top naked. I never established why he'd decided to take his clothes off and perch on the kitchen units to colour but he was engrossed and I left him to it, glad it was a pad of paper rather than a computer game that was holding his attention. When I mentioned this... Read More...

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20th March 2013
Tell your child a story today!
Tell your child a story today!
You may not know but it's World Storytelling Day today, a global celebration of storytelling that should have children curled up on their parents lap, totally absorbed by a captivating story... Except, if you're anything like me, you'll find it much harder than you imagine to make up a good story on the spur of the moment. I tend to start with great... Read More...

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