Motherís Day 2017

14th March 2017
Motherís Day 2017

In a week-and-a-bits time it will be Mother's day (a day to recognise and celebrate the contribution and achievements of these wonderful women).

We thought this year would be a great opportunity for us to embrace some "girl power" and share some children's storybook suggestions which showcase heroines and their courage, confidence and creativity, which youngsters can enjoy and explore with their mums.

For Tiny Tots - Picture Books

Flossie and the Fox - in this retelling of the classic little red riding hood, fearless Flossie meets a wily fox but manages to outsmart him!

Madeline - from facing challenges as small as a mouse to as big a tiger, Madeline always manages to keep calm and composed whilst demonstrating her bravery throughout the series.

For Bigger Kids - Chapter Books

Harriet the Spy - spying is a serious business that requires concentration, patience and an ability to think fast and write faster. Meet Harriet M. Welsch, 11-year old girl spy and irreverent rebel, with a vivid imagination, a bossy attitude and a freakish ability to hide in one spot for hours while observing her targets!

Pippi Longstocking - this isn't a typical story at all, mainly because Pippi isn't a typical girl. Pippi is nine and she lives alone (with the monkey and the horse, of course) and just so happens to be the strongest girl in the world. This book follows Pippi's adventures whilst she does whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

If you are struggling for Mother's Day present ideas, then our personalised books and mugs are great gifts, which will treasured for years to come.

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