Year of the Ebook

25th January 2017
Year of the Ebook

Ebooks have been given very mixed reviews when it comes to their influence on children’s reading ability but surely the benefits of reading don’t dry up simply because the text is presented on electronic screens instead of paper.

Despite queries over ebooks developmental or educational value, a study for the National Literacy Trust showed children’s reading ability improved remarkably when they did their reading online through ebooks, with performance/reading age improving by up 8.5 months.

The reasons behind why children preferred reading on screen centred around the fact that it made reading easier, including being able to make the text bigger (as text in books is often too small making reading feel difficult) and having a dictionary feature, making it quick and simple to get the definition and pronunciation of words they encounter which they aren’t sure about.


Another key reason why children said they enjoyed ebooks is that they don’t feel like they are looked upon negatively by their peers, in comparison to if they are seen reading paperbacks.

Although there are some varied opinions over ebooks, we are for finding ways which can transform children’s attitudes towards reading and motivate them to read more often.

If you have some reluctant readers in your family, then perhaps an ebook is the place to start and we have two in our photo personalised book selection. We've taken two of our most popular books, the Snowman Adventure and SuperSox adventure, and adapted them to create e-stories.

Delivered in fewer than five minutes from completing your order, our e-books are personalised in the same way as our story books and even have animation. What is even better is that until the end of February (2017) you can order our ebooks for free using the code EBOOKS  

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