Why kids hate history

9th November 2016
Why kids hate history

When asking adults and children alike, what their favourite subjects were at school, history will nearly always come last. Considered boring and irrelevant, as it is not applicable to life today, kids seem to avoid it where they can. 

But do kids really hate history or is it the way it is taught? A 45 minute monologue without a chance to interact with the content is never going to be engaging.

Here are our 5 fun suggestions of how to make history come alive:

Dress Up

When it comes to dressing up, it doesn’t have to come from the fancy dress stop – bed sheets, a bike helmet and some pipe cleaners make for the perfect ancient Greek or Roman assemble! The idea behind this is that they learn a little more about a previous era by figuring out what they are supposed to wear.


Whilst tidying up is the bane of most parents lives, kids always love to get messy. Go creative with history and get stuck into some cooking and crafts.  Creating some tasty treats will make something boring a lot more tolerable; check out Restaurant-ing through History to find a selection of recipes to fit the school curriculum.

Field Trips

A school days classic!  Zoos and caverns are great for science, but how about a trip to an historical home, a battlefield, or a museum? These places are normally well equipped for the younger audience and have plenty of interactive activities so they won’t be left yawning.  

Be a Reporter

History’s allure comes from the fact that it happened a few hundred years ago but for kids this is the subject’s biggest downside, thinking that as it happened so long ago, they don’t need to know about it. Give history a modern twist by getting your child to dress up as a reporter and have them interview a historical figure or report on a specific event as if it was a live new story.

Use Visual Aids

There are plenty of books and films available in the historical genre and it can be a great way to ease a child into a subject. Whether you have the next Indiana Jones living under your roof, who loves an adventure, or your kids are starting to learn of different periods of history, Our Land of the Pharaohs book would make a wonderful gift. This personalised book is full of fascinating details about life in Egypt over three thousand years ago, and features a mischievous monkey, scheming emperor and a mysterious man which is sure to grip young readers.

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