Time to Take Learning Outdoors

12th July 2016

This year there has been many a damp and dreary day, so it might not feel like it, but summer IS here. This time of year provides a great opportunity to take learning outside of the classroom and offers a whole host of opportunities you’ll struggle to find within the confines of the classroom walls. Here are just a few suggestions which we hope will help convince your child’s teacher to head outside in the rundown to the end of term....  

1. Makes learning more engaging

It can be difficult to keep kids on task in the classroom, especially when all they want to do is be outside. By taking a subject like maths outside - having children estimate the time it would take to run, hop and skip across a field and graph it back in the classroom - will mean they are better able to interact with and understand the curriculum and in turn be more motived to learn.

2. Improves attendance

If a child finds learning fun then they won’t think it is learning and if they are enjoying their lessons they will inevitably be more likely to want to come to school. Simple! 

3. Keeps them healthy

Even if you’re just going to work a few feet from the confines of your classroom, well directed outdoor learning opportunities can offer a great opportunity for fresh air and exercise.  Getting them out in the sunshine will give them a good boost of vitamin D and help with their immunity. 

If you are able to get the teacher on side, we recommend that our Enchanted Garden book makes an appearance in the next outdoor English lesson as it will make for a truly visceral experience! Through beautiful collage-style illustrations, the book tells the story of your child having an extraordinary adventure in an enchanted garden, filled with rabbits, insects and brightly coloured flowers. Full of fun and a surprise on the final page kids will love to grab this book to read to re-read on a hazy summer’s day! Don't forget there is another version of this book available, featuring an additional adult in the illustrations.

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