Five Key Reasons Why Children Should Read Books

15th December 2014
Five Key Reasons Why Children Should Read Books

There are so many reasons why children should read books from an early age. It was tough, but we have whittled down the benefits of reading to the five key reasons listed below. There is a constant flow of media stories associated with the increasing prevalence of technology in a child’s learning process, however this is certainly no substitute for the traditional book, which has so much to offer in terms of a child’s development and future academic prowess.

Take a peek below and remind yourself just why the book deserves its place in childhood.

1) Books Aid Bonding

Reading with children from a very early age has been proven to help increase the bond between a parent and their child. With people leading increasingly hectic lives, few things can rival sitting down with a child in peace and quiet and enjoying an escape from reality.

2) Reading Improves Communication Skills

Countless studies have chronicled the significant positive impact which reading has on a child’s development. Reading helps to increase a child’s attention span and subsequently their intelligence. Book reading has also been found to aid fluency and comprehension, as well as a child’s independence and self-confidence – all vital for future development.

3) Academic Excellence is Aided by Reading

Book reading in the early years and throughout childhood has been proven to help achieve academic excellence during school years, which in turn, leads to a greater chance of the child leading a successful and progressive career.

4) Books Broaden Horizons

Children can expect their senses to be stimulated and their creativity to be heightened by books. The imagination is a very powerful tool and books will allow your child to broaden their horizons and become more imaginative and creative as a result.

5) Everyone can Enjoy Reading

Last and by no means least – reading is enjoyable for both children and parents alike. It is also highly affordable and can be done at any time and in any place.

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