The Tradition of writing a letter to Father Christmas

26th November 2014

We all have fond memories of writing letters to Father Christmas and it’s still a tradition that continues among children today, but how did this popular Christmas custom come about?

Despite a reference of a letter written from a little girl to St Nicholas in the 1200's, the tradition of writing to Father Christmas to ask for gifts didn’t really take hold until the late nineteenth century.  Back then it was traditional for children in Britain to burn their Christmas letters on the fire so that they would be magically transported by the elements to the North Pole.  Although, apparently if the list caught fire then the child would have to write their letter all over again.

Since then however it is much more common for letters to be sent via the post, or even electronically via the internet.  While I’d like to think this is due to the fact that fewer homes have open fires, it is more likely to be the result of efficiency and the change in the modern world, whereby everything is much more accessible online…. or via Royal Mail (on occasion).

However your children choose to send their Christmas letters to Father Christmas, there are still some traditions which remain within the content of the letter itself – the courteous mention of Mrs. Claus and the elves, and not forgetting all the reindeers, especially Rudolph and his bright red nose! This is generally followed by a wish list of your children’s favourite toys, although I could imagine that there will be a lot less requests for wooden train sets and puzzles, and many more for the latest tablet devices and games consoles.

We mustn’t of course forget the most important part of the letter - our children’s vow that they have been on their best behavior throughout the year, because no child wants to be on the naughty list and receive a lump of coal in the bottom of their stocking.

Whilst this has been a traditional Christmas custom for many years, few children have experienced the thrill of receiving a letter back from Father Christmas. Now with Itsyourstory’s beautifully crafted photo-personalised letters from Father Christmas they can do just that.

Your child features as one of Father Christmas's elves and information about them including their age, address and the names of two friends are included in the letter, to really help make them believe that Father Christmas knows all about them.

What's more, you can add a special 150-character 'PS' from Father Christmas to the child at the bottom of the letter and it arrives in an authentic envelope complete with North Pole stamp.

Why not make your child’s Christmas really magical this year and order their very own personalised reply letter from Father Christmas now.

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