Christmas Gift Bundle up for Grabs - worth £55.

17th November 2014
Christmas Gift Bundle up for Grabs - worth £55.

There's no such thing as Christmas arriving too early in our house. The many toy catalogues that have landed on our doormat are already dog-eared having been poured over so many times and the school nativity play is a major discussion point. My daughter is a pig (really??), son 1 a king and son 2 a shepherd.

Excitement levels are starting to ramp up, so we thought it couldn't be too early to launch our Christmas competition. This year we're giving away a cracking gift bundle worth £55, featuring our three Christmas books, including the new Santa's Secret Village book which launched this month as well as the Snowman Adventure and Where's Name of Child? books.

To enter, simply visit our Facebook page and tell us what your child is in the school nativity play or would like to be.

A Christmas blog wouldn't be complete without mentioning our Father Christmas letters. This is a major preoccupation for us at the moment, with requests ranging from the relatively humble (a fridge magnet, a Lego mini-figure) to the wildly unrealistic but ever hopeful (a Lego Chima Eagle Interceptor, the Air Hogs Assault Helicopter).

If, like us, your children are still firm believers in Father Christmas, then do have a look at our Father Christmas letters. There are two designs to choose from (Rudolph and Father Christmas) and both feature the child in the illustration as one of the elves and include lots of information about them in the letter, not to mention some excellent jokes - Why is it cold at Christmas? Because it's Decemberrrrrrrrr

A nice touch is that you can include a personal 150-word message from Father Christmas to the child which is included as a ‘PS'. We've had all sorts of comments from praise for being such a lovely brother/sister to a new sibling, to recognition of success at school as well as downright bribery: "I'll get you some extra-special presents if you don't go into your mummy and daddy's bed at night."

After years of interrupted nights, I think this is an entirely appropriate tactic. In fact, I'm going to order a letter for my bed-hopping daughter right now.


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