Easter Craft Success - you can do it!

25th March 2013

However busy, if one of my children approaches me with a book in their hand I normally drop what I'm doing to read with them. When it comes to books, I'm a "good mother". The same can't be said of craft. Think mess, stress and disappointed children.

So I hesitate before recommending an Easter craft activity - but this really is fantastically easy and fun. So thank you Vanessa for supplying the first ever craft success story in our house, and here's how it works:


  • What is it?  An Easter pinata
  • What's that?  A papier-mache chicken or egg, filled with chocolates that is bashed by a blind-folded child until it breaks.
  • Why?  It's a tradition originating in Mexico symbolising the struggle of man against temptation. But for my children it simply represents a winning combination of destruction and guaranteed sweets.
  • What do you need?  A balloon; strips of newspaper; flour and water; paint; tissue paper (optional). We used old Christmas balloons in the shape of a snowman but normal balloons would be fine.
  • How do I make one?  Blow up balloon. Mix flour and water keeping the consistency quite runny. Dip strips of paper in the mixture and plaster all over except around the balloon knot. Two layers is all you need. Leave to dry fully. Burst balloon and gently pull out. Fill with little sweets (haribo and mini eggs for us) and then papier-mache over the hole. Paint and decorate.


Three little chicks now anxiously await their fate on Easter Sunday and the children are hopping with excitement. Bludgeoning something until it explodes (while being cheered on by parents) isn't normally on the cards in our house.


I urge you to have a go. If I can embrace craft, so can you!

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