Could your business benefit from the personal touch?

Itsyourstory has a wealth of expertise in developing photo-personalised products and has worked with Disney and Nestle on projects which harnessed the full impact of personalisation.

A truly bespoke product can be the perfect vehicle for communicating with customers, shareholders, employees or the media.

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Case Study 1

Title: Disney spreads the word with personalised Disneyland Paris book

disney bookIn 2010 Itsyourstory worked with Disney to create a personalised book that promoted Disneyland Paris in wintertime and was tailored to key media contacts.

Why a personalised book? Every company faces the challenge of grabbing journalists' attention, particularly in the all-important run up to Christmas.

For Disney the answer was a bespoke book which followed the journalists' adventures when they were whisked way from their grey office on a rainy November morning and transported via Mickey's horse-drawn carriage to Disneyland Paris for a Christmas Extravaganza.

Entitled, ‘Name's Magical Christmas Adventure', the book was written, illustrated and published by Itsyourstory. The story followed the journalists' experiences as they sampled all the attractions at Disneyland Paris and included information such as their job title, the name of their publication/radio station/TV show and their office address.

Beautifully illustrated and with a humorous storyline, the book was mailed to 150 key media contacts in publications ranging from The Telegraph and Daily Mail to Heat and Woman's Own. Presenters on shows including Loose Women, The One Show and radio stations such as Heart FM, Captial Radio and Radio 2 also received copies.

The verdict? The PR team at Disney reported that they received an unprecedented level of interest from media contacts who proactively contacted the department for more information on Disneyland Paris.


Case Study 2

Title: Felix promotion offers customers personalised pet book

felix coverNestle Purina cat food product Felix has a very strong brand identity, centred around the mischievous black and white cat Felix.

The brand has an on-going promotion which enables customers to redeem tokens collected on the side of multi-packs for a range of Felix merchandise available on its World of Felix website (

For a limited period, starting in January this year, the company decided to offer a range of exclusive products and turned to Itsyourstory to produce a bespoke book featuring the customer's cat alongside Felix.

Itsyourstory already had experience in this area, thanks to its two pet books produced in partnership with the Lavish Licensing pet brand, Pet Poets Club.

world of felix websiteWorking alongside Felix's marketing agency, Itsyourstory and Lavish Licensing began work on a bespoke Felix book. Each page featured the customer's cat alongside poems which celebrated the friendship between the cat and owner.

Felix the cat was prominent on each page, reinforcing his mischievous but loveable nature. Most importantly the Felix brand was communicated to customers in an original and engaging way.

Although the promotion was only scheduled to run for six weeks from January this year, it has proved so successful that the personalised pet book still features prominently on the World of Felix website.