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Creating a personalised book 

“It’s our story …”   Parents inspire children in many different ways. Mine were the inspiration behind Itsyourstory.

Some time ago my parents made simple, hand-drawn personalised books for their grandchildren featuring Granny hiding around the house.

The success of the books lay in the fact that Granny starred in the pictures as well as the story – and this was the inspiration behind Itsyourstory. 


“The seed was sown …”   Our first attempts weren’t all that great...

but we knew we were onto something and Itsyourstory launched in 2004 with just three books.

We were the first company in the UK to sell photo-personalised books on the web – and are still the best! Our range has expanded to 26 books as well as clothes, water bottles, mugs, posters, e-books and e-cards.  


“A family affair …”   Although bigger, we’re still a family-run business based in Somerset that offers the best in personalised books, together with great customer service and a dedication to quality.


Last year we set up a business division and have worked with companies including Nestle and Disney. To find out more click here.


“It’s a book about me!!”   We're passionate about reading and recognise the importance of fostering a love of books at an early age. Children are self absorbed and engage immediately with a book about themselves.


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Our books have that “wow” factor which help children develop an interest in books from an early age and, most importantly of all, makes reading fun. 


We hope you like what you see! This short video encapsulates us, our books and the magic of personalisation.



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Holly Wright

Managing Director

  Holly and nieces reading personalised book




















Holly with her nieces Harriet and Alice, recipients of the first ‘home made’ personalised books